I am in Christ, a member of His body and partner with the people of Victory Church. 

As a member of this body of believers I declare: 

  • We are victorious and glorious members of the Triumphant Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • We are the blood bought church, the redeemed of the Lord 
  • We are increasing spiritually, mentally, physically as well as financially. That means we are becoming more like Jesus we're smarter and wiser
  • More and more people are joining us and we are becoming more prosperous in every area
  • Our love for each other abounds
  • All our needs are met, we are out of debt, we have plenty more to give in support of God's work. We are blessed and a blessing to many
  • We are advancing the Kingdom of God winning souls, constantly moving forward and upward. 

God is good to us, He loves us , He is mightily at work in our lives. We are a "much fruit" bearing church unto the Glory of God.


Eph 5:30                                         Acts  20:28                                         1Thes 4:9,10        John 17:22                                      Eph 4:13-16                                       Rom 13:8

Romans 8:37                                 Psalm 115:14                                     Deut 28:12

1 John 5:4                                       2 Cor 9: 8-11                                      Mark 16:15,16

John 15:8