He wants me to prosper and to get ahead - He’s pleased when I have good success.

God never has a prideful attitude.

He does not treat me arrogantly.

God is never rude to me, He uses good manners and is always courteous.

God is always seeking what’s best for me, He’s more concerned about my welfare than His - He wants what is best concerning my life - His Love is unselfish

God is not provoked - He is not touchy, rough or hostile.

God does not think evil, He never has an evil thought towards me - All of His thoughts towards me are Good. He does not keep a record of my wrongs -

He forgives and forgets - He does not find satisfaction in iniquity, my weaknesses and shortcomings. He rejoices in the TRUTH -

He magnifies the Good and Covers the bad. God bears all things, He defends me, holds me up, believes the Best about me. God is always hopeful, He never gives up on me, He encourages me and affirms my future.

God endures all things - He perseveres without weakening - He remains loyal and faithful to me. God is Eternal, He will not fail Me!

This is how God loves you, He desires for us to love others the same way.

 I John 4:11